First Impressions are important, and graffiti can attribute to a negative impression or experience. Graffiti is an issue that is sweeping throughout different communities around the city. BIZ zones work together with the city of Winnipeg to maintain graffiti-free neighborhoods. The St James BIZ team helps to up-keep the beautification around the BIZ zone by removing graffiti to preserve sunny St James’s positive environment. if there is graffiti on your property, and you want it removed local business owners are required to sign a waiver that gives the BIZ approval to remove any graffiti tags off their buildings. Graffiti Art is different than graffiti the crime. In its form, it requires the consent of business owners and is usually associated with a mural or marketing platform. Graffiti the crime pops up un-approved and can cost over thousands of dollars each year for removal. The materials that are needed for the clean-up includes a pressure washer, paint sprayers, chemical wipes, primer, and paint.

If you experience un-wanted or un-approved graffiti please first file a police report either in person at your local police station or online.

To report graffiti to the Winnipeg Police Service call: 204-986-62222 or visit

for non-BIZ member removal call 311