St James Village BIZ continually evolves the programs it offers to the members based on needs, trends and community feedback. Programs are designed to enhance the membership opperational experience and visitor experience while creating a vibrant, safe and attractive environment for all to prosper and enjoy.


Street Beautification & Maintenance

Throughout the summer months (May – August), the St. James Village BIZ hires a team of students that act as our green team ambassadors. Funding for our students is provided by federal/provincial grants received programs such as the Urban Green Team program and Government of Canada Summer Jobs program.

Our students can be identified by their bright yellow and blue uniforms. Students are available for graffiti removal, litter pickup, painting & maintenance of St. James BIZ property including benches, planters, etc.



Graffiti Removal

First Impressions are important, and graffiti can attribute to a negative impression or experience. Graffiti is an issue that is sweeping throughout different communities around the city. BIZ zones work together with the city of Winnipeg to maintain graffiti-free neighborhoods. The St James BIZ team helps to up-keep the beautification around the BIZ zone by removing graffiti to preserve sunny St James’s positive environment.

Graffiti Art is different than graffiti the crime. In its form, it requires the consent of business owners and is usually associated with a mural or marketing platform. Graffiti the crime pops up un-approved and can cost over thousands of dollars each year for removal. The materials that are needed for the clean-up includes a pressure washer, paint sprayers, chemical wipes, primer, and paint.

If you experience un-wanted or un-approved graffiti please first file a police report either in person, online or at your local police station. Then email the St James BIZ at to have our team remove it free of charge.

To report graffiti to the Winnipeg Police Service call: 204-986-62222 or visit

For non-BIZ member removal call 311



The St James Village BIZ works to maintain an attractive and beautiful neighborhood where businesses can thrive; We accomplish this through Streetscaping which is used to describe placement of enhanced decor or infrastructure in a purposeful manner. Over the years the BIZ has maintained flowers, plants, planters, benches, signage, bike racks and holiday decor.  Streetscaping helps create a positive effect in the business community and is essential to design streetscaping that will capture the eye and motivate people to walk around while interacting and discovering their environment that will bring encouragement and engagement in various activities within different businesses.

Past: The St James Village BIZ maintained movable flower pots and themed them with blue and yellow welcome entrance signs and custom street name signs in the BIZ brand colors. Recently the BIZ dramatically completed a large scale streetscape project that saw the installation of live trees, park benches, decorative brick and the refurbishment of the iconic metal light trees. The Plaza project completed 6 plazas along the north side of Portage Ave.

Present: In 2017 The St James BIZ updated their movable flower pots with brand new custom pots at varying heights. following that in 2018, the BIZ added 6 brand new custom pots at varying heights. Following that, in 2018 the BIZ added 6 custom bench planters. The benches match the design of the new flower pots in color and style but also offered a liner planter which is used to plant editable herbs. The Herbs compliment the already growing sweet potato which is a product of the sweet potato vine. which deep rich soil and constant sun these vines will produce a sweet potato, In the fall potatoes are harvested and available to the community. Unlike the well-known yam, a sweet potato has a purplish skin and white flesh. it can be very sweet in taste.

Future: A new gateway feature is in development for the St James Village BIZ and will replace the entrance sign at the median of portage and St James. The new feature will mimic the design of the new benches and planters found throughout the zone

The BIZ is continually working to maintain the area ascetic while working to expand its boundaries to provide streetscaping to more of the community.