Welcome to Sunny St  James Village BIZ!  Established in West Winnipeg down the Trans-Canada highway, Portage Avenue from Sackville Street to St James Street.  The BIZ stands for “Business Improvement Zone” and is a non-profit organization that is governed by the city of Winnipeg BIZ By-Laws and operated by local business owners elected to the BIZ board.

Business Improvement  Zones concentrate on creating urban impact through area beautification, and design, marketing, enhanced city services such as graffiti removal, and lobby efforts that impact the BIZ area.  In each BIZ zone, this improves the marketability of the area and local businesses and it creates a positive and outstanding economic impact on the entire community. There are 16 BIZ zones around the city of Winnipeg that represents over 5,000 businesses.  St James Village BIZ is all about promoting a positive, and beautiful environment for every retail, commercial, and professional business in the BIZ zone while targeting constructive change in the community. 

Our History

In July of 1987, the Province of Manitoba amended the City of Winnipeg Act to allow for the establishment of Business Improvement Zones (BIZ) within the City of Winnipeg.   It afforded businesses the opportunity to organize themselves in order to undertake improvements and cooperatively market their businesses in an attempt to halt decline and rejuvenate their area

Since that time the concept has met with tremendous success where as currently Business Improvement Zones have been developed in many major centres across Canada.

The St. James Village BIZ area consists of approximately 100 local merchants. For a listing of local merchants of the St. James Village BIZ, please visit our complete Member Directory.

The Board

The St James Village BIZ Board is made up of volunteer local business owners within the BIZ boundaries. Each member is elected to the board at the annual general meeting and serves a 2 year term up to a max of 6 years before having to spend at least 1 year off the board.   Meet The Board!


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